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Fundraising and Donations

MAY 28-JUNE 19, 2022 | 28 MAI – 19 JUIN, 2022

MAY 28-JUNE 19, 2022

28 MAI – 19 JUIN, 2022

On Monday 01 April 2024, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will mark 100 years as an independent service. In order to appropriately recognize and commemorate this important milestone in our history, the RCAF will execute various events, including the National RCAF Run, to honour and celebrate our history and heritage, bring recognition to current serving RCAF personnel, and inspire future generations of Canadians to take ownership of their Air Force.

People are the heart of the RCAF and always have been, and always will be. People are what makes the RCAF agile and ready to respond. As such, Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial Fund has been established to provide support to RCAF families and INSPIRE Canada’s next generation of aviators. INSPIRE aims to engage Canada’s youth in pursuing careers in aviation, space and STEM. In collaboration with various community partners, significant efforts will be undertaken to enrich the lives of current and aspiring aviators and their families. Your support and participation in the inaugural National RCAF Run will help progress these efforts.

Proceeds from the RCAF Run support the RCAF Centennial fund.  Click on the link below to learn more about this important support program.

RCAF CENTENNIAL 2024 – RCAF Foundation